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W. Eric Pitts LLC

Practice Areas

Real Estate

Real estate matters are an important part of the Firm’s practice. The Firm works with developers and builders in all aspects of acquisition, subdivision, zoning, construction, and the sale of property. The Firm also handles both residential and commercial leasing transactions and disputes. The Firm is experienced in clearing title defects, prosecuting quiet title actions and pursuing and defending the rights of landowners, landlords, property managers, tenants and operators of all types of land – residential, commercial, industrial, mining and timber.

Business Transactions

The Firm handles all forms of sales, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, recapitalizations, financing and collections as well as a wide variety of commercial disputes. 

Business Formation and Maintenance

The Firm routinely creates and maintains all forms of legal entities to include Corporations (profit and non-profit), Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships.

Estate Planning and Probate

The Firm provides detailed estate planning for individuals from every walk of life – from simple to complex, for those whose wealth ranges from modest to substantial. In the context of a privately held business, estate and succession planning is a critical element of representing the business owner.  

The Firm also routinely represents individuals in all aspects of Probate Court practice from simple name changes to hotly contested probate estate administrations.

Intellectual Property

The Firm provides representation in the creation and protection of intellectual property and trade secrets to include the sale, license and lease of intellectual property rights as well as the protection of such property and rights through use of confidentiality agreements, covenants to not compete, patents, trademarks (both state and federal) and copyrights.  W. Eric Pitts is licensed to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office as a patent attorney and routinely prosecutes patent and trademark applications on behalf of both individual and business clients.